Microdose Magic Mushrooms

We are a team of dedicated magic mushroom growers.

We are firm believers that the world doesn’t need more pharmaceuticals — what it does need is better, natural solutions.

So at Microdose Magic Mushrooms Canada our goal is two-fold; to leave the world a better place than we found it; and people better off than before they found us.

So we set out to create a considered solution to what we saw as some major issues around mental and physical health. 

At the same time, at every step, we balanced quality, sustainability, and potency.

(Not really us.)

Mushroom Professionals

Mycologists of the highest integrity and passion.


We microdose and we know what's it feels like to feel better.


All our products are pure psilocybin with no fillers.


We pride ourselves on supplying you microdoses at our best price point possible.

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