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Microdosing for Improved Work-outs

Are you curious about how micro dosing medicinal magic mushrooms can help you with your performance when you work out? Before we do our workout we’re going to do a microdose. I use it before every single workout to help boost endurance it gives me a third wind, not just a second wind.

Today I’ll be crushing some battle ropes a little bit as a kettle bell and we even have a quad mace as well  little bit of body weight stuff with the weight vest. I’m just going get creative and have a little fun with it because that’s what we want to do we want to get into a flow state.

When we work out we want to enhance our creativity and boosting our body is just a bonus.

What is flow state?

It’s when your mind becomes silent. Where everything else just sinks away. You are grounded into the moment and you’re just totally immersed in the moment. So for example if you’re working out as an athlete it’s that flow state when you know that your money. Everything you’re doing is coming from that state of complete alignment. It feels like you can do every single movement that you want to and your body and your mind and your spirit are all synced in one.

Start off with some breath work to warm up, that’s super important. In Chinese medicine they talk about the three treasures. You have the Jing you have the Chi and the Shen and the Chi is the energy that we expend when we are working out. Our movement comes from our fire and our workout so if we want to bring the fire to our workout we want to ignite our Chi. The magic mushroom microdose is one of those things that really contributes to expanding our Chi.

In order to fuel our workouts we want to do some breath work which is going to get the Chi flowing. It’s going to energize our entire body, bring oxygen to all our parts so that when we get into the workout we are going crush it. One quick round of the Wim Hof breathing (if you guys didn’t haven’t heard of the Wim Hof breathing, take a strong look into it.)

Here is the breakdown that you’ve all been waiting for with the psilocybin micro dosing mushroom. I was out of my head or not in my head as much. I just went for it and just kind of what felt right and I wasn’t too worried about getting it right or wrong the first time. Definitely a lot more focus. For me, it was a lot more like feeling into my body. I felt a lot more natural in my movements as opposed to mechanical that I would feel before. I felt an extended range of my movement, so like a lot more energy could go into the spear thrust. I felt a lot more of my full physical energy going into it.

I just noticed how good I felt in my body. There was a point where I was doing the kettlebell workouts and I could just feel like I wasn’t thinking about how I was doing the movement. I wasn’t thinking about how many reps I was doing I was having so much fun. I was just in the moment. I was immersed in the fullness of the now.

I noticed a big difference when I was doing my workouts and I would have about three rounds, sometimes two rounds, but I noticed after the second round something different. When I usually would be feeling a little bit tired and like “all right I have to rest for two or three minutes” I was able to easily transition into that next round without really having to rest as much.

My cardiovascular system felt like it was saying “I’m good for two more rounds”.  

I would say keep an open mind and definitely be willing to try it. I know I was a little hesitant to do it but the first time I tried it I noticed it instantly.

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